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Brand Athlete Expectations

1. Like and comment on ALL ONEx50 posts daily using #onex50 #slaythespray 

2. Continue to post pics with product and tag us

3. Insert ONEx50 Brand Athlete Hopeful or ONEx50 BAH in your instagram bio


Community - Camaraderie - Compassion are the guiding principles of ONEx50. They are the principles for which we are known in the cheerleading and dance industries. ONEx50 welcomes individuals who exemplify these outstanding values. 

It is our mission to identify a group of athletes ranging in ages 7 - 21 years, who are special and unique in their own way.  We want individuals who excel in school and who are uniquely involved in their community.  Whether their involvement is through volunteering, charity work, tutoring or a passionate endeavor; their efforts elevate their community, as well as the sport of cheerleading.  

 Lending a helping hand, reaching back, paying it forward and helping those less fortunate are the practices which make ONEx50 and its future Brand Athletes who we are. We are looking for remarkable individuals who are kind, viewed as leaders by their peers and community and are willing to help others. They are caring and want to see others succeed. These distinctive individuals will invite the ONEx50 Family into their communities in order to spread the message of success, friendship and leadership.

 ONEx50 is unique because our product and our brand were created by cheerleaders for cheerleaders. ONEx50 Brand Athletes are devoted to our amazing product. They are excited to celebrate our brand in an effort to elevate the sport of cheerleading. Our Brand Athletes will share our amazing story on all platforms with which the athlete is proficient.

 Our selection process includes contacting each athletes' coach and gym owner. We will conduct a series of interviews in order to get a sense of who you are. Ultimately, we will select a modest number of athletes for the special honor of becoming a member of our inaugural ONEx50 Brand Athlete Team.

 Please fill out and submit this Application form.

 We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best!